Surrey Scrap Car Removal of a GMC Safari

scrap car removal GMC Safari
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If you’re looking for the best scrap car removal company in Surrey, BC, then you will want to know about what happened to this 2002 GMC Safari. As an added bonus, if you’re looking for a way to cool down in our hot summer weather, then this picture that was taken last winter might help you cool down a little if you look at all the ice and snow that Joe had to drive through when he was doing this “Surrey Cash For Cars” transaction back during last January.

Joe and his Vancouver Scrap Car Removal team got a call from South Surrey. It seems the owner of a red and white Safari van wanted to get rid of it. The reason why they needed to have it taken away was because the vehicle had been parted out. Meaning that it did not have an engine or transmission. The owner had already taken them out and sold them. So all that was left to be towed away was pretty much just a shell of the original GMC Safari.

But that didn’t mean it was only a free towing job. On the contrary, Joe always pays cash for scrap cars! So the owner of the gutted van was paid a generous cash settlement before Joe removed it for recycling on an environmentally sustainable basis.

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