Cash for Scrap Cars in Surrey June Update

scrap car removal of GMC Savana

If you are looking to get cash for scrap cars in Surrey, BC then you may be interested to know the story of the white 2004 GMC Savana that was recently picked up in Vancouver as seen in the photo at the top of this blog post and below left.

Badly damaged 2004 GMC SavanaThe damage to the front end of the vehicle was so severe it was a total write-off. It looked like it might have smashed into a street post or was possibly involved in a gnarly T-bone crash. Whatever had been the cause of the smash up, the owner was able to make a great deal with Joe at Vancouver Scrap Car Removal to get paid fast cash and have the ruined cargo van taken away.

We do not know whether the Savana owner called any other scrap car buyers before making the choice to go with Joe to be the one to do his cash for scrap cars deal with, but in the past it has been our experience that after calling some of the competitors in the used vehicle recycling business, most customers come to the conclusion that Joe is the best one to choose. Not only does he have a great track record for paying more money, but he also is a good fellow to do business with.

So if you have a car, van, truck or SUV that you do not want to keep anymore – for whatever reason – this is all you need to do…

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5-star reviewVery fast response time. Offered more for my scrap car than anyone else. Was very friendly. I needed to keep my tires so he met me after sending the car to scrap and gave me my tires back. I highly recommend his services to anyone.
– Kevin Bacon

If you are not familiar with the Savana brand name, you may be more aware of the The Chevrolet Express, which is the way the vehicle is known in the United States. It is a range of full-size vans from General Motors. They were rebadged and sold as the GMC Savana in Canada. The successor of the Chevrolet Van, a single generation of the model line has been sold since the 1996 model year. This line of cargo vans was available in three major versions, including a passenger van, cargo van, and a cutaway van chassis; the latter vehicle is a chassis cab variant developed for commercial-grade applications, including ambulances, buses, and small trucks. Marketed primarily in the United States and Canada, the model line is in competition with the Ford Transit and Ford E-Series (dependent on configuration), Mercedes-Benz/Freightliner Sprinter, and the Dodge Ram ProMaster (cargo van only).

Joe and his scrap car removal tow truck
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