Surrey Scrap Car Removal December Update

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The scrap car removal Surrey activity has been quite busy lately. Here you can see a 2001 Mazda Protege that Joe and his team picked up in Surrey.

The issue with the vehicle was quite significant. It would not start because of problems with the computer module that manages all the car’s systems. Fixing this kind of a computer problem is not something the average person or even a professional repair technician can do. That’s because only a Mazda dealership has access to the specialized computer software needed to do the fixing. And that kind of work is awfully pricey.

That’s why the owner decided to take the easy route and get rid of their car.

They did a bit of research and came to the conclusion that the best place to call was Vancouver Scrap Car Removal. When they talked to Joe, he promptly made arrangements to take the unwanted vehicle off their hands. He did all the required paperwork, and paid more cash on the spot than anybody else.

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