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South Surrey scrap car removal Acura
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junk car removal surrey acuraWe recently did this Surrey scrap car removal job, recycling a nice looking luxury sedan. It’s an Acura TL that Joe towed away from a home in South Surrey. The blue four-door was still in fairly good condition, except for one major problem. The brake lines were totally rusted, and fixing them would have been such an expensive undertaking that it made more sense to call the Surrey scrap car removal specialists and collect cash on the spot for Joe to hook the car up and tow it away. Now their nice home looks even nicer because they don’t have an unsightly junk automobile cluttering up their driveway. Do you think having an old junk car lowers your property value? Why take a risk when you can collect a fast cash payment simply by phoning or texting Joe and getting him to solve your scrap car removal problem.

Scrap Car Removal Cloverdale

scrap car removal CloverdaleThis 2001 Mazda Protege is a scrap car that Joe picked up in the Cloverdale area of Surrey not too long ago. Its mechanical difficulty was that it had a worn-out wheel bearing on the driver’s side wheel. It probably could have been fixed, but the owner decided they would rather not have to worry about it, so they contacted Vancouver Scrap Car Removal and Joe paid them a generous cash settlement before doing a junk car towing removal.

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Junk Car Removal Port Coquitlam

scrap car removal Port CoquitlamThe owner of this red 2004 Ford Ranger pickup truck lived in PoCo, but he was on the highway driving to Hope when the engine seized up and his vehicle became no longer driveable. He phoned Joe, who came to the rescue.

Junk car removal and towing is the service that Vancouver Scrap Car removal specializes in. And you would be hard pressed to find another junk vehicle recycling service or cash for cars company in the Lower Mainland who has a better track record and more five-star recommendations than Joe and his team.

No matter where in the Metro Vancouver region you are located. Whether it is Surrey, Cloverdale, Port Coquitlam, or even on the North Shore, if you have an unwanted vehicle you would like towed away and disposed of responsibly, then this is the best choice for you to make…

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