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scrap car removal of 1992 Honda CivicWhy Scrap Car Removal of 1992 Honda Civic?

The scrap car removal job we did took Joe and his junk vehicle towing crew into Pitt Meadows. It seems that the Honda Civic was involved in a serious collision. It rear-ended a large truck to such an extent that the car could no longer be driven. The top of the Civic’s hood smashed into the rear bumper of a pickup truck. The hood got folded back, but that was only a small fraction of the major breakage that resulted of the coming together.

To make matters worse, even before the incident, the Honda was 32-years old, had high mileage, and was pretty much a beater. So doing any repairs would have been a foolish waste of money. But money was what the driver had in mind. So that’s why he got in touch with Joe at Surrey Scrap Cars.

scrap car removal of 1992 Honda.
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Joe made a prompt appointment to come to check the car out, take care of all the necessary government paperwork, and tow the old, unwanted vehicle away quickly and efficiently.

Fast Cash For Scrap Cars

But even more important, Joe gave the owner a nice cash payment. And the money he received made it well worth while to make the call…

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It didn’t make any difference that the body of the car was scratched, or that the clearcoat was peeling off. And it wasn’t even important that the scrap car had its front end severely smashed. Joe paid cash to the driver and made short work of his junk car removal problem.

So if you have an old truck, old minivan, or any beater that is looking messy in your yard or in front of your home, why not get rid of the ugly eyesore and end up with cash money you can spend any way you like?

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