Scrap Car Removal Surrey January Recap

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That big dump of snow we got last week didn’t stop Joe from helping out the owner of this yellow 2005 Ford Escape XLS who wanted to be paid fast cash to have their old vehicle taken away.

Surrey Scrap Car Removal Update

Because the word is out that Joe pays top cash for auto recycling, not even the harsh winter weather we sometimes get here in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia can prevent Joe and his Vancouver Scrap Car Removal team from assisting owners who have unwanted vehicles.

Here is just another recent job that Joe did…

GMC Safari Van scrap vehicleThis 1992 GMC Safari van had been sitting unused for so long that the brakes were seized up and the wheels could not turn any longer. Rather than having it cluttering up their Langley home, the owner did the smart thing. They picked up the phone and called 604-779-6397.

Joe was happy to take their call, have a short discussion about their vehicle, and make an appointment to come out to their property promptly and do that scrap car removal service that he has earned such a great reputation for.

So if you have a junk car, SUV or truck that you are ready to get rid of, and you want to be paid the maximum amount of cash, and you’d like same day pickup and disposal of your vehicle, then this is what you need to do…

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mazda 3 scrap carNot too long ago, this black 2004 Mazda 3 sedan was sitting, unwanted, at a home in New Westminster. The car was not driveable. It would not even start, because the fuel injectors were clogged. It might have been that something contaminated the fuel in their tank. But whatever reason was, they had a problem. The vehicle may have looked pretty, but it was pretty useless.

Except for one thing…

It was worth cash money.

That’s why the owner got in touch with Joe at Vancouver Scrap Car Removal.

Joe came right over to their place in New West with his tow truck. He completed all the necessary paperwork to keep I.C.B.C. happy. And he paid fast cash to take away that shiny Mazda even though it would not run anymore.

Joe has been helping out folks like you for about 13-years, so he can help you with your junk car disposal.

Want more proof? Call or text Joe for a quote at 604-779-6397. Then compare his price with the competition. Joe carefully takes into account each component of your intact motor vehicle, whether or not it even runs, and then pays you cash. Fast!

So why not do it now?

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