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How much money do you think the above gold coloured 2017 Chevrolet Equinox LS hatchback SUV is worth? Well, here are some clues. The vehicle did not have an air filter. That’s right. Somebody forgot that automobiles need air filters in order to keep the engine from getting clogged up with dirt, dust and grime. It had been running for more than a year without an air filter, and now the engine was completely ruined. It was damaged beyond repair simply because the owner neglected to install a simple filter that probably would have cost less than $100. Instead, it they were now facing a repair bill of several thousands of dollars to replace the broken engine.

So they did the smart thing. They made a phone call to…


Joe and his scrap car removal team went to Abbotsford and checked out the not-driveable Equinox. After doing some necessary paperwork, Joe paid the owner a nice amount of fast cash, hooked the beater up to his tow truck and hauled it away. Problem solved.


We recently saw an ad in a local paper proudly announcing “Free Scrap Car Removal” as if that was a good thing. In reality, that might sound like a good deal, but you can get a much better one if you take a moment to think about it.

What’s better than having somebody take away your scrap vehicle for free? How about having somebody take away your scrap vehicle and paying you hundreds of dollars?

That’s how Joe makes so many friends.

He answers your calls promptly and politely. He listens to the details about what kind of scrap vehicle you have, where you are located, and when would be the most convenient time for him to come and finalize the deal.

That’s why you should never simply settle to have your old, unwanted vehicle towed away for free. Instead you can get professional removal and recycling of your scrap car, truck or van and receive a generous cash payment. Money you can use however you want. You do not have to donate your car to the Kidney Foundation for example. If you want to make a donation to your favourite charity, you can give some or all of your money to an animal welfare organization such as the BCSPCA, or a group that helps Indigenous People, like the Pacific Association of First Nations Women, or perhaps the GURU NANAK SIKH GURDWARA SOCIETY. It’s up to you.

The most important thing for you to do is to get off on the right foot by getting in touch with Joe the Vancouver Scrap Car Removal guy…

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Then – after the deal is done – you can decide what you are going to do with all the cash Joe paid you for your scrap car.

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